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Local Safety Peer Exchange – 1st Event

FHWA and NJDOT are holding a series of three Local Safety Peer Exchanges for municipal and county representatives to discuss local initiatives that demonstrate best practice in addressing traffic safety. The first peer exchange was held on December 6, 2017. Topics discussed included NJ safety performance targets, use of Safety Voyager, substantive vs. nominal approaches to design, systemic vs. hot spot approaches to safety, and discussion of FHWA safety countermeasures, among others. Two more events will be held in 2018.

Local Peer Exchange, December 6, 2017

Data-Driven Safety Analysis: Nominal vs. Substantive Safety

FHWA’s 2017 Update of the Proven Safety Countermeasures

Local Safety Peer Exchange

Pavement Friction Surface Treatments

Project Screening: Using Data-Based Analysis

Safety Voyager

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