Annual Implementation Reports

The New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT), Bureau of Research, supports transportation research to enhance the quality and cost-effectiveness of the policies, practices, standards and specifications required when planning, designing, building and maintaining the State’s transportation infrastructure.  The funded research should result in the discovery of new materials, improvement of processes, refinement of systems, and the generation of innovative ideas that improve the durability and efficiency of infrastructure and enhance the mobility, accessibility and safety of the State’s residents, workers and visitors. However, the long-term effects of research, or the next necessary steps required to achieve full-scale implementation, as well as the benefits of research, are not always known. The Bureau is often approached by sponsors to justify the value of these projects to a much broader audience.

The purpose of the Annual Implementation Report is to review these effects. The Annual Implementation Report is also a means to screen for opportunities and document the strategies that have been used for technology transfer of research findings to the State’s transportation community.