We are looking for submissions from employees of local or state public agencies (municipalities, counties, parks commissions, NJ Department of Transportation, NJ TRANSIT) that have come up with innovative problem solutions or found better ways to do certain tasks.

Research to Implementation videos showcase NJDOT-sponsored research and the effect such research has in addressing transportation-related issues within the State.
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See how NJDOT is advancing the use of Pavement Preservation treatments on the state's roads to increase safety, enhance durability, improve customer experience and minimize costs.
Innovative Initiatives

Every two years, FHWA works with State DOTs and others to identify innovative technologies and practices that shorten project delivery, enhance safety and durability of roads and bridges, cut traffic congestion, and improve environmental sustainability, and deploys these through the Every Day Counts (EDC) program.

Locally, NJ STIC’s four Core Innovation Area (CIA) teams—Safety, Mobility & Operations, and Infrastructure Preservation—evaluate and advance innovative initiatives.

See how NJDOT is using drones to drive innovation and what lies ahead for this technology

Drone's Eye View: Dredging

NJDOT Safety Countermeasures Training and Education Videos

NJDOT developed these six videos to train and educate viewers on the design features and safety benefits of FHWA’s Proven Safety Countermeasures that improve pedestrian safety.

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About NJDOT Technology Transfer (T2)

NJDOT’s T2 program seeks to increase awareness of transportation-related issues within New Jersey, promote an ongoing exchange of ideas, translate the latest state-of-the-art trends and technology practices, showcase innovation, and disseminate research results in a form that can be readily applied to current transportation problems. 


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