New Jersey STIC Incentive Fund Requests

What is the STIC Incentive Program?

The FHWA offers technical assistance and funds—up to $125,000 per STIC this fiscal year —to support the costs of standardizing innovative practices in a state transportation agency or other public sector STIC stakeholder.

NJDOT is the primary recipient of the STIC Incentive Grant. Other public sector STIC stakeholders such as MPOs, local governments or tribal governments are eligible to receive STIC Incentive funding as sub-recipients to the NJDOT.

Proposed STIC project ideas are prioritized by the NJ STIC for each federal fiscal year. Selected projects are then submitted to the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) for approval. The request submittal does not guarantee funding nor award of funding.

Watch the video to learn more about NJ STIC Incentive Grants.
STIC Incentive Funds supported the purchase of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) with the goal of developing guidance and specifications for bridge inspection and traffic incident monitoring.
FY24 Selection Criteria

The NJ STIC will consider projects and activities that advance the Every Day Counts (EDC) innovations that are being promoted by FHWA.

For more information on EDC Innovations eligible for funding please visit FHWA’s Website. or contact Christopher Paige at

FY24 STIC Fund Eligible Projects/Activities
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STIC Incentive Funding also supported a Local Agency Peer Exchange on Local Safety Program delivery utilizing Data Driven Safety Analysis tools.

The requirements for eligibility of a project or activity are as follows:

  • The project must have a statewide impact in fostering a culture for innovation or in making an innovation a standard practice.
  • The project/activity for which STIC Incentive funding is requested must align the FHWA’s Technology Innovation Deployment (TIDP) goals. The TIDP funding supports accelerated innovation deployment through final analysis, pilots, demonstrations, marketing, communications, and promotional activities.
  • The proposed project/activity must be started as soon as practical (preferably within 6 months of award, but no later than 1 year) after notification of approval for STIC Incentive funding and the funds must be expended within 2 years.

STIC Incentive funding may be used to conduct internal assessments; build capacity; develop guidance, standards, and specifications; implement system process changes; organize peer exchanges; offset implementation costs; or conduct other activities the STIC identifies to address TIDP goals and to foster a culture for innovation or to make an innovation a standard practice in New Jersey.

The piloting of the technology used in the New Jersey Connected Vehicles Pilot Program received the support of the NJ State Innovation Council (NJ STIC) and STIC Incentive Funding grant awarded by FHWA. Photo source: NJDOT

Examples of allowable activities include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • develop standards and specifications;
  • develop and deliver training to facilitate widespread use of an innovation;
  • refine current specifications based on lessons learned from implementing an innovation;
  • develop memoranda of agreement;
  • prepare standard operating procedures or technical guidance for an innovation;
  • prepare a report summarizing the lessons learned and economic analysis of an innovation;
  • develop a decision matrix for use of an innovation;
  • prepare an implementation plan for an innovation, including performance measures; or
  • sponsor an innovation workshop/exchange sharing best practices.

For additional STIC guidance, please visit FHWA’s website.

How to Apply
The NJ STIC Communications Plan was funded developed with the support of a STIC Incentive Funding Grant.

The solicitation of STIC Incentive projects opens at the beginning of the Federal fiscal year (October 1st) and closes at the end of the Federal fiscal year (September 30th). Proposals may be submitted at any time and are reviewed on a rolling basis.

The proposals should include: 

  • Description of the proposed work
  • End product/ result
  • Amount of STIC Incentive funding requested
  • Commitment of other funding
  • Budget justification
  • Project schedule

If you have questions about your project’s eligibility for the STIC Incentive Program, email: or call us at: (609) 963-2242.

List of Projects

Please click here to see a list of current STIC Incentive Projects