NJ STIC Communications Plan

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New Jersey’s STIC, as with other STICs, is charged with establishing a process by which ideas, innovative techniques and processes can be evaluated and implemented quickly and proficiently.

In recent years, a growing toolbox of communications strategies has been used to increase awareness of the Every Day Counts Program and to support the NJ STIC in its mission to foster a culture favorable to exploring and advancing innovations in transportation.

The purpose of the NJ STIC Communications Plan is to improve the effectiveness of the NJ STIC through continuing communications and engagement with STIC stakeholders at the local, regional, and state levels, as well as external stakeholders like industry and academia. The Plan describes communication tools, methods and strategies that will be used to document performance, capture and share information on innovative initiatives, and promote implementation of these initiatives throughout the State.

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The NJ STIC Communications Plan was funded in part by a STIC Incentive Funding Grant and prepared on behalf of the NJDOT Bureau of Research – the administrative lead for the management of the NJ STIC.