The Technology Transfer Program, sponsored by the NJDOT Bureau of Research, offers lunchtime and other tech talks, events, peer exchanges, and webinars to promote the dissemination and implementation of research, knowledge, and innovative ideas.

Our objective is to share and promote the implementation of research findings and the transfer of knowledge and innovative ideas among NJDOT staff and others within New Jersey’s transportation industry.

Lunchtime &
Other Tech Talks!


Peer Exchanges


Tech Talks! are presentations that highlight current and best practices, give attention to new and emerging issues in transportation, and explore the findings and implications of recent transportation research. Subject matter experts provide information and answer questions. Participants can suggest “hot topics” for future presentations through an end of session survey.

Other events that provide knowledge transfer opportunities to increase awareness of innovative ideas, research findings, and best practices include the NJDOT Annual Research Showcase, lectures, and expert interviews, among others.

Peer Exchanges create an opportunity for peers, experts, and others involved in a particular topic to exchange ideas and best practices on that topic to benefit research, development, and technology transfer programs. A Peer Exchange is a formal program required by FHWA in order to receive federal planning and research funds. A State DOT research bureau defines a topic and selects a peer exchange team that includes participants from other state DOT research programs, FHWA, universities, or other related organizations.

A state DOT can organize other Peer Exchanges to focus on topics of particular significance within the state, and invite participants from state and local agencies.

Webinars present information or instruction on a particular topic over the internet. Individuals participate at the time of the webinar, or can access the webinar following the session through a web link as a video or audio presentation with slides.