AASHTO Technical Service Program Transportation Curriculum Coordination Council (TC3) Trainings

The Transportation Curriculum Coordination Council (TC3)'s mission is to develop and maintain a quality training curriculum to enhance the competency of the nation's transportation Construction, Maintenance, and Materials technical workforce. TC3 is a state-based initiative adopted as a Technical Service Program within AASHTO.

The TC3 Online Video Library contains playlists of instructive videos on Construction, Maintenance, Materials and Traffic and Safety. TC3 has a library of more than 250 online training modules covering a variety of topics in the three primary disciplines.

TC3 helps states, local government, and industry save money at a critical time of infrastructure investment through course development, web-based trainings, information, and resource sharing that is available at substantially reduced cost. The TC3's website has additional resources available here about AASHTO's Techical Services Program.



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