Accelerated Market Readiness Program

FHWA’s Center for Accelerating Innovation is making funding available to advance innovations under its Accelerated Market Readiness Program

The Accelerating Market Readiness (AMR) program provides funding to spur the advancement of emerging transformative innovations that have potential to enhance roadway safety, shorten the project delivery process, and improve the performance of the transportation infrastructure. Funding is available for testing and field evaluations, pilot demonstration projects, and documentation and dissemination of performance results to widen the knowledge base on the innovations.

In February 2019, the FHWA issued a Broad Agency Announcement that provides details about the AMR program, including a solicitation that describes program focus areas — safety, accelerated project delivery and infrastructure performance — and potential topics for project awards. Innovations and technologies may include, but are not limited to:

  • project delivery methods that improve work zone safety for motorists or workers and the quality of the facility;
  • engineering or design approaches, manufacturing processes, financing, or contracting or project delivery methods that improve the quality of, extend the service life of, or decrease the long-term costs of maintaining highways and bridges;
  • practices that accelerate project delivery while complying with other applicable Federal laws (including regulations) and not causing any significant adverse environmental impact; or
  • practices that reduce congestion related to highway construction.

FHWA will provide AMR program funding for the following related activities:

  • Conducting field study, evaluation and assessment activities, including necessary data collection and data analysis;
  • As appropriate, incorporating the proposed innovation or technology into any phase of a transportation project as a trial or pilot;
  • Documenting the findings and results of the field assessment and/or transportation project trial findings.

An informational webinar was held on April 8th, 2019 for interested parties to learn more about the AMR Program. Presentation slides from the webinar provide further information on topics and participant eligibility, available funding, period of performance and key milestone dates.  FHWA has also issued a helpful AMR factsheet.  “White Paper” proposals are an important early milestone deadline and must be submitted to the FHWA no later than 10.00 AM (Eastern) on April 22, 2019.

If you believe you have an innovation or technology that is eligible for funding under the AMR Program that New Jersey should pursue, please email or contact Amanda Gendek, Manager, Bureau of Research.