2020 NJDOT TRB Annual Meeting Recap

The 2020 NJDOT TRB Annual Meeting Recap, held on February 13th 2020, provided an opportunity for NJDOT staff who attended the 99th Transportation Research Board (TRB) Annual Meeting to share their observations and notes from attendance at workshops, lecture and poster sessions, task force and committee meetings.

Below you can view the 2020 presentations and session notes by the participating NJDOT staff which are grouped by their bureau or unit. Click on the image in each section to view the slides. You can also download the entire set of presentations here: 2020 NJDOT TRB Annual Meeting Recap Slides (6 MB). The TRB AMOnline portal provides access to all available TRB papers, presentation slides, and visual aids.

The video (right), What Do Transportation Professionals Look Like?, was also shared as part of the event.

  • Introduction to TRB and the Annual Meeting
  • How to Attend /Get Involved with TRB
  • Recap (Transfer of Knowledge)
  • Questions & Open Discussion
  • Current Research in Marine Environmental Issues
  • Inland Water Transportation
  • Concrete pH Profiles in Marine & Freshwater Environments
  • Utilizing Agent-based Modelling to Evaluate Operational Impacts of an Incident & Possible Alternatives on U.S. Waterways
  • Future of North American Freight Rail Transportation
  • New Technology in Rail Freight
  • Using Drones for Railway Maintenance, Safety, Security

■  Site Selection Processes
■  Truck Parking
■  Last Mile Trends Around the World

  • Travel Behavior During Emergency Evacuations
  • Transportation Solutions in Parks and Public Lands
  • Planning at a Crossroads
  • Right Sizing
  • State DOT-CEO Roundtable: Towards Zero Deaths: State DOTs Renewing Focus on a Nation Public Health Crisis
  • Hyperloop: Commuter Dream or Regulatory Nightmare?
  • Recycled Plastics in Pavements
  • Low-Cost Ultra High Performance Concrete
  • Bridge Decks
  • Work Order Status
  • Public Acceptance Automated Vehicles
  • Railroad Trespassing Detection
  • Connected Autonomous Workzone
  • Optimizing Pavement Management Systems
  • Optimizing Facility Locations
  • New Jersey Executive Orders and Energy Master Plan
  • Decarbonization & Resilience
  • TRB Special Task Force on Climate Change → Transportation and Sustainability Section (AMS00)
  • Landscape and Environmental Design
  • Treatment of Highway Stormwater Runoff
  • Seasonal Climatic Effects on Transportation Infrastructure
  • New Directions in Hydraulic Scour Design
  • Current Practices in Highway Stormwater Management
  • Collecting & Managing Vegetation Assets on the Roadway
  • Connected & Automated Vehicles & Roadways
  • Managed Lane Strategies
  • Designing Safer Streets
  • Barrier Design
  • LiDAR and Photogrammetry
  • Weigh-in-Motion Data to Design, Rate, Manage, and Preserve the Nation’s Bridge Structures
  • Resilience, Safety, and Security of Bridges and Tunnels
  • FHWA Long-Term Bridge Performance Program
  • Autonomous Vehicles DOT-WH Initiative
  • CBS/FHWA Structures Collaboration
  • Data Governance
  • Public Transit Innovation: Past, Present, and Future
  • Evaluation of Signs and Markings Based on User Needs
  • Traffic Control Devices Challenge: Connected and Autonomous Innovations for Improving Work Zone Safety-Hybrid Session
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