2019 NJDOT TRB Roundtable Discussion

Below you can view 2019 presentations and session notes provided by NJDOT staff who attended the 98th Annual Meeting of Transportation Research Board (TRB), which is grouped by their bureau or unit. Click on the image in each section to view the slides. You can also download the entire set of presentations here: 2019 NJDOT TRB Roundtable Slides (9 MB). The TRB AMOnline portal provides access to all available TRB papers, presentation slides, and visual aids.

I. Introduction to TRB

A summary of the Annual TRB Meeting, along with the presenters represented.

II. Statewide Planning

• Performance Management
• Federal TPM Structure
• De-carbonizing Transportation
• Equity in Pedestrian Planning
• Shared Mobility

III. Environmental Resources

Integrating Extreme Weather Resilience Into Transportation Asset Management (Session 1713):

• FHWA Pilot Overview
• New Jersey's Approach
• Case Study Area
• Linking Extreme Weather and Asset Management
• Top Project Findings - Results

IV. Transportation Systems Operations & Support

• Artificial-Intelligence-Aided Automated Detection of Railroad Trespassing
• Task Force on Transit Safety Meeting
• St. Paul, Minnesota – Vehicle x Pedestrian Accident Prevention
• Best Practices and Techniques for Clearing Various Interchange and Intersection Configurations
• Clear Roads Winter Maintenance Pooled Fund
• Impact of Utilizing CEI Consultants on Highway Construction Project Cost and Schedule Performance

V. Transportation Mobility

• Examining the Disruptive Forces Facing DOTs
• Expanding and Enhancing the Capabilities of Traffic Management System
• Today’s Teen, Tomorrow’s Transportation Professional: Adapting and Preparing for the Future of Work
• A National Dialogue on Highway Automation: Advancing the Conversation
• Automated Vehicles (AV) 3.0
• Knowledge Management
• Emerging and Innovative Public Transport and Technologies
• Shared Mobility, Ride hailing and Emerging Transportation Trends
• Intelligent Transportation System Project Updates-International
• Visibility of Signs and Roadway Markings: LiDAR-based Assessment of Highway Traffic Sign Visibility
• Speed Limits 2019: Current Perceptions, Technologies, and the Future
• State DOT Innovation Programs: Identifying New Technologies and Practices from the Front Lines
• Connected Vehicles Pilots: Lessons Learned

VI. Bureau of Statewide Strategies

• Making Asset Management the New Normal: Moving from Implementation to Integration
• Transportation Asset Management Committee
• Emerging Asset Management Tools, Techniques, and Performance Measures
• Operations Resilience: How to Keep Operating When the Sh*t Hits the Fan
• Integrating Extreme Weather Resilience into Transportation Asset Management
• Knowledge Management Task Force
• Visualization in Transportation Committee
• Connected and Automated Vehicles
• Pricing in an Evolving Mobility Ecosystem
• Best Papers from the 2018 Access Management Conference
• Advancing Community Vitality with 21st Century Mobility
• International Programs on Road Vehicle Automation
• Connected Vehicle Pilots: Lessons Learned

VII. Local Aid & Economic Development

• Facilitating Equitable Outcomes: The Intersection Between Public Engagement & Equity in Transportation
• Strategies to Enhance Public Involvement
• Transportation & Public Health

VIII. Civil Rights & Affirmative Action

• Successful DBEs
• Commercial Useful Function
• Safety and Health in Environmental Justice Communities
• Study: Documenting Transportation Inequities
• National Environmental Policy Act Documentation Effects of Current Presidential Executive Orders
• NEPA Updates
• The Equity Equation: Meaningful and Innovative Strategies That Define and Address Unmet Needs in Under-served Communities
• Sub-committee on Environmental Justice

IX. Bureau of Structural Engineering

• Resilience, Safety, and Security of Bridges and Tunnels: US and International Topics
• Latest Innovations in Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC)
• General Structures Committee, Traffic Structures Subcommittee, Steel Bridges Committee, Seismic Design and Performance of Bridges Committee, Accelerated Bridge Construction Committee
• AASHTO COBS / FHWA Structures Collaboration
• Transportation Secretary Elaine L. Chao Addresses “Our Transportation Future"
• FHWA Long-Term Bridge Performance Program (LTBP)
• Advances in Structural Engineering: Bridges and Ancillary Structures
• Advances in Seismic Bridge Analysis and Design

X. Bureau of Research

• The Innovation Culture: Building New Bridges Between Research and Practice
• Asphalt Concrete Cracking: Testing, Modeling, and Field Studies
• U.S. DOTs Safety Data Initiative: Visualizing and Using Data for Safety
• State DOT Innovation Programs: Identifying New Technologies and Practices from the Front Lines
• Visibility of Signs and Roadway Markings
• Exhibits: Provide free training
• Beyond Research: From Innovation to Economic Growth
• No Boundaries Roadway Maintenance Practices
• Standing Committee on Polymer Concretes, Adhesives, and Sealers; Standing Committee on Concrete Bridges; Standing Committee on Corrosion
• Corrosion Protection of Metallic Structures and Marine
• Evaluation of Transportation Structures Using Non-Destructive Testing Methods

XI. NJDOT Research Library

• Workshop: Developing a Roadmap for Ecologically Sustainable Transportation
• Transportation Research Thesaurus (TRT) Subcommittee Meeting
• TRB Information Services Committee Meeting
• Workshop: The Long Engagement: From Writing Data Management Plans to Actually Managing Data
• Workshop: Knowledge Management 101: Strategies for Discovering the Best Fit for Your Organizational Needs
• Poster Session: Current Issues in Ecology and Transportation
• Poster Session: Making Transportation Research Smart, Sustainable, and Equitable Through Libraries, Information, and Data
• Event: Developing Climate Adaptation Strategies That Address Ecological Concerns Associated with Transportation Facilities
• Library and Information Science for Transportation (LIST) Committee Meeting

XII. Division of Multimodal Services

• Eye In The Sky – Use of Unmanned Aerial Technology
• Corridors and Freight Performance Measurements

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