NJ STIC 2018 Winter Meeting

The NJ State Transportation Innovation Council recently held its Winter Meeting. The meeting began with FHWA and NJDOT providing a recap of the Every Day Counts Round 5 (EDC-5) Regional Summit.   FHWA's Innovation Coordinator & Performance Manager provided a brief overview of the EDC-5 Initiatives.  New Jersey along with all other states assessed its current efforts and set goals for implementation of the EDC-5 Initiatives for the next two year period, ending in December 2020 with reference to five stages of innovation.

EDC-5 Innovation Initiatives and NJ’s Baseline and Goals, 2019-2020

EDC-5 InitiativeBaseline: January 2019Goal: December 2020Comments
Advanced Geotechnical Exploration MethodsDemonstrationInstitutionalizedWith proposed activities expect to move it forward to institutionalized
Collaborative Hydraulics: Advancing to the Next Generation of Engineering (CHANGE)DemonstrationDemonstrationEDC-4 carryover
Reducing Rural Roadway DeparturesDevelopmentDemonstrationNew initiative under EDC-5
Project BundlingInstitutionalizedInstitutionalizedPart of NJDOT toolbox
Safe Transportation for Every Pedestrian (STEP)AssessmentInstitutionalizedEDC-4 carryover
Use of Crowdsourcing to Advance OperationsInstitutionalizedInstitutionalizedPart of NJDOT toolbox
Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) AssessmentInstitutionalizedNJDOT has been a national leader with many advancements planned
Value Capture Not implementingNot implementing Not formally advanced by STIC
Virtual Public Involvement Not implementing Not implementingNot formally advanced by STIC. Agencies may be making use of this initiative.
Notes: Not Implementing: State is not currently using the innovation anywhere in the state; Development: State is collecting guidance and best practices and building support with stakeholders and partners and developing an implementation process; Demonstration: The State is piloting and testing the innovation; Assessment: The State is assessing the performance of and process for carrying out the innovation and making adjustments to prepare for full deployment; Institutionalized: The State has adopted the innovation as a standard process or practice and uses it regularly on projects.

Presentations from the three Core Innovation Area (CIA) Teams -- Safety, Infrastructure Preservation, and Mobility and Operations -- highlighted what has already been accomplished (in prior rounds of EDC Rounds 1 through 4) and further described how NJDOT plans to accomplish the goals for EDC-5 Initiatives.

Participants were informed about the availability of innovative funding programs through FHWA's Center for  Accelerating Innovative Programs to advance EDC-5 Initiatives and what New Jersey projects have already been funded through STIC Incentive Funding and the Accelerated Innovation Deployment Grant Programs. The meeting concluded with a roundtable discussion of the topics covered.

NJDOT will host the national STIC meeting on April 11, 2019.
Forthcoming NJ STIC meetings are scheduled for: May 7, August 8, and November 19, 2019.

Presentation slides:

Introduction and FHWA Update

CIA Team Presentation: Safety

CIA Team Presentation: Mobility and Ops

CIA Team Presentation: Infrastructure Preservation

Basic STIC Overview

Roundtable Discussion, Reminders, and Thank Yous

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