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NJDOT Strategic Research Planning

The NJDOT is faced with the complex task of managing and maintaining New Jersey’s multi-modal transportation system. Simultaneous to these operations is the need to accurately forecast and plan for shifting travel demand, new technologies, funding, external factors such as severe weather, and internal factors such as talent acquisition, retention and knowledge transfer. While these various factors add a further layer of complexity to NJDOT’s core functions, they are also necessary to best positioning NJDOT to perform its operations. The purpose of this project is to develop a strategic research plan, consisting of national best practices and internal agency employee insight, in order for NJDOT to best understand constantly shifting needs and travel demand. Ultimately, this strategic research plan will lay out priorities for future research.

Performing Organization
Cambridge Systematics, Inc.
Key Word(s)
strategic research, travel demand, new technologies, energy, knowledge transfer, talent acquisition, transportation operations

Appendix 1: Briefing Books; Appendix 2: NJDOT Research Needs and Technology Transfer Activities Survey Instrument; Appendix 3: NJDOT Research Needs and Technology Transfer Survey Results; Appendix 4: Focus Group Results; Appendix 5: Assessment of Completed Research

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