Peer Exchange

Peer Exchanges create an opportunity for peers, experts, and others involved in a particular topic to exchange ideas and best practices on that topic to benefit research, development, and technology transfer programs. A Peer Exchange is a formal program required by FHWA in order to receive federal planning and research funds. A State DOT research bureau defines a topic and selects a peer exchange team that includes participants from other state DOT research programs, FHWA, universities, or other related organizations.
A state DOT can organize other Peer Exchanges to focus on topics of particular significance within the state, and invite participants from state and local agencies.


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Local Safety Peer Exchange
FHWA and NJDOT are holding a series of three Local Safety Peer Exchanges for municipal and county representatives to discuss ...
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Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) based Traffic Monitoring and Management
NJDOT held a Peer Exchange on Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS, also known as Drones) on October 3-5, 2017. Representatives of ...
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