Focusing on Reducing Rural Road Departures (Video)

The Federal Highway Administration recently released a video highlighting analytical and highway design efforts being used to prevent traffic deaths on rural roads by reducing roadway departures. The FHWA video introduces several relatively low-cost safety countermeasures to help drivers stay in their travel lanes and reduce the potential for, and minimize the severity of, rural roadway crashes, including rumble strips, enhanced signage, the Safety EdgeSM, and high-friction surface treatments.

While traffic crash locations can change from year-to-year, the FHWA recommends using a data-driven systemic analysis to assess types and patterns of rural crashes, roadway design where crashes occur, and specific areas with high concentrations of crashes or risk of crashes. Analysis of these data can also focus on when certain types of crashes occur. This information can help determine priority locations and design solutions that can be used to address needs in specific locations.

To learn more about the program and solutions designed to prevent traffic deaths on rural roads by reducing roadway departures, see the Federal Highway Administration' EDC-5 Innovation Reducing Rural Roadway Departures.  More information on what New Jersey is doing during this round on the topic, can be found at: What is Reducing Rural Roadway Departures.

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