NJ STIC 2018 Fall Meeting

The NJ State Transportation Innovation Council recently held its 2018 Fall Meeting. The meeting began with an update from the FHWA about NJDOT's progress on Every Day Counts (EDC-4) Innovations. The meeting continued with presentations from the three Core Innovation Area (CIA) Teams devoted to Safety, Infrastructure Preservation, and Mobility and Operations. The Safety CIA Team discussed progress on implementing road diets and shared a video that described its features and its benefits that had been produced by NJDOT. A roundtable discussion closed the meeting which included discussion of the importance and potential strategies for getting the message out on the innovations underway at NJDOT and by its STIC partners.  

Presentation slides:

Introduction and FHWA Update

CIA Team Presentation: Safety (Road Diets)

CIA Team Presentation: Safety (Data Driven Safety Analysis)

CIA Team Presentation: Infrastructure Preservation

CIA Team Presentation: Mobility and Ops

STIC Communication and Outreach Efforts

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