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Local Technical Assistance Program (LTAP)

The main goals of the LTAP are to address the Federal Highway Administration’s mandated four focus areas for the national LTAP/TTAP program: Safety, Infrastructure Management, Workforce Development, and Organizational Excellence. We accomplish this by providing training for NJDOT staff, technical assistance, communications, outreach, and reporting & evaluation. Tasks include:

  1. Training for NJDOT – workshops specifically requested by NJDOT and for NJDOT personnel.
  2. Technical Assistance – upon request, the team will provide guidance on technical, transportation-related problems that municipal agencies may be experiencing. The team will not perform any studies or engineering work that is more appropriately conducted by private entities.
  3. Communications – website, e-newsletter, printed newsletter, technical briefs.
  4. Outreach – exhibits, Every Day Counts Webinar Exchanges, meetings and conferences.
  5. Reporting and Evaluation – quarterly reports, Annual Program Assessment Report, Annual Center Assessment Report, annual customer survey, and continual course evaluation.
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Rutgers University, Center for Advanced Infrastructure and Transportation
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