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Drone / Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Regulations and Policies for Use in New Jersey

FAA Advisory Circular 107-2 provides guidance on the regulation of UAS in the NAS, however, AC 107-2 does not provide, nor is it intended to provide, a legal interpretation of the regulations. Rather, this advisory is provided as best practice methods for developing operational programs scaled to specific small unmanned aircraft (UA), associated system equipment, and operations in combination with agency’s operational details and local laws in New Jersey.  Some of the laws local impacting the implementation of these guidance in New Jersey are privacy laws and motor vehicle laws.

The research team will conduct an extensive review of the literature. This literature review will focus on several aspects including:  UAS Operations, applicable NJ State/Local laws, UAS Regulations, Risk Management and Safety Procedures, review of current NJDOT Aeronautical policies and regulations, and survey of public airports.

The research team will resolve regulatory issues in the use of UAS by NJDOT by drafting: statewide drone regulation to insert into Title 6, Chapter 16.55, best practices for proposing state legislation, internal DOT UAS Operations Manual, internal forms for Divisions requesting support, internal forms to track/record FAA compliance, and internal training/qualifications forms.  The proposers will also create a FAA compliant SMS tool for Risk Assessment of UAS Operations and a detailed powerpoint based training module for engineers/consultants involved in UAS Operations.

Performing Organization
City College of New York, University Transportation Research Center
Principal Investigator(s)
Agrawal, Anil Kumar; Kamga, Camille
Key Word(s)
Aviation; Research; Policy; Regulation; Security and Emergencies; Vehicles and Equipment

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