Recently Issued TRB Publications and ASTM Standards

The NJDOT Research Library maintains a  “Did You Know” page to share basic facts about the research library, transportation research resources, and newly issued publications.

The TRB Publications, November-December, 2021  list includes recently published research in:  planning and forecasting, bridges and structures, pavements, operations and traffic management, bicycling and pedestrians, intelligent transportation systems, safety and human factors,  and construction, among others.  This 200+ list of recent publications reveals emerging trends and cutting-edge research and implementation in transportation that may inspire you.

The ASTM Standards, September to December, 2021 list includes recently proposed and revised ASTM standards. The ASTM Book of Standards is available through the ASTM COMPASS Portal for NJDOT employees.

Please contact the NJDOT research librarian, Tammy Yeadon, MSLIS, at (609) 963-1898, or email at or  for assistance on how to retrieve these or other publications.

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