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Evaluation of Precast Concrete Pavement Systems and Cast In-Place: Phase I: Identification of Accelerated Concrete Pavement Rehabilitation Methods

NJDOT has the ability to rehabilitate and open Portland Cement Concrete (PCC) pavements to traffic within a short period of time and minimize road closure effects using rapid concrete pavement repair methods. The goal of this study was to evaluate current accelerated concrete pavement rehabilitation technologies and their respective construction standards for use and implementation in New Jersey (NJ). In order to achieve this goal, a thorough review of available literature on Precast Concrete Pavement (PCP) and Cast In-Place (CIP) rapid PCC pavement repair systems was performed. Focus was placed on collecting information pertaining to various proprietary and non-proprietary systems and materials, past performance evaluations, and limitations/difficulties with regards to construction and implementation of PCPs and characteristics and performance of CIPs. State Highway Agencies (SHAs) were also contacted to collect current specifications used for rapid concrete pavement repair techniques and a description of past experiences. Multiple PCP systems are currently being used by various SHAs across the country providing a list of alternative PCP systems that could potentially be used in NJ. Based on discussions with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) from SHAs, the most critical factor reported to affect PCP performance is proper installation. In addition, recommended draft specifications for approval and use of PCP rapid repair systems were developed as part of this study. With regards to CIPs, the literature search revealed that modifications of quick setting concrete patch materials with polyester-polymer and blending of Type I cement with calcium aluminate cement are potentially viable options that warrant further exploration as rapid concrete pavement repair materials

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Rowan University
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Rigid Pavements, Rapid Concrete Pavement Repair, Concrete Mixtures, Precast Concrete Pavement

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