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Innovative Pothole Repair Materials and Techniques – Volume 1: Asphalt Pavement

Potholes in asphalt pavement surface have detrimental effects on asphalt pavement deterioration and traffic safety. Cost-effective pothole repair methods are needed for highway agencies at all levels. This project aims to identify and evaluate innovative tools, technologies and materials for pothole repair in New Jersey. The pothole repair methods that have potential to improve the cost-effectiveness of current practice at NJDOT were identified and analyzed using life-cycle cost analysis. The identified technologies and materials were further studied through analytical modeling, laboratory testing, and field implementation. The optimized heating procedures were developed considering heat source, pothole geometry, and weather condition. The effective test procedures and performance requirements on pothole repair materials to ensure good performance and bonding in the field were studied and specified. Finally, the optimized heating procedures for pothole repair and the recommended material products were developed for NJDOT.

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Rutgers University
Key Word(s)
Pothole repair, Cold patching, Microwave heating, Infrared heating, Recycled asphalt pavement (RAP), Numerical modeling

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