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Advanced Reinforced Concrete Materials for Transportation Infrastructures

Transportation infrastructure systems must resist conditioning from the natural environment and physical demands from service loading to meet the needs of users across the state. Reinforced concrete, which is widely used in bridge decks, pavements, super- and substructures, and other systems, deteriorates under environmental conditioning due to electro-chemical processes that cause expansive mechanics stresses at various length scales (e.g., reinforcement corrosion, freeze-thaw, etc.) leading to costly and timely durability and maintenance challenges. This report provides a background on the state-of-the-art of advanced reinforced concrete materials that are being investigated to improve reinforced concrete transportation infrastructure. A series of experimental and numerical research activities were then carried out to assess the mechanical properties and long-term durability of these systems. Results show benefits across a range of metrics and have the potential to substantially improve the in-service behavior of reinforced concrete transportation infrastructure.

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New Jersey Institute of Technology
Key Word(s)
Ductile concrete materials, alternative reinforcement, numerical modeling, experimental testing, corrosion, freeze-thaw, HPFRCC, UHPC

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