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As individuals leave specific positions, interviews or storytelling sessions can capture their experiences. Frequently, these employees know the history of their units and are able to share significant events or policy shifts that have shaped the unit and the way things are done. By providing background for a process, or procedure, or steps taken to work through a problem, storytelling can engage listeners who are in similar positions. Storytelling can communicate the rationale for change when introducing a new procedure or process, or a new way of looking at the work. Storytelling can support decision making, encourage buy-in, or help market an idea, process, or procedure.



  • One or more experts in a particular subject, program, process, policy, etc. share their knowledge with a group or an individual by way of an interview or storytelling.


  • Storytelling will provide the context and nuance that a desk manual may not communicate, explaining the “what” and “why” of a process, procedure, or experience.


  • When an individual with unique experience, or in a mission critical position, is preparing to leave or retire.


  • Define the information to be shared and identify the individuals who can relate their experiences and the audience.


  • Before the session, ask identified audience members for topic areas or specific information they are seeking to help storyteller to prepare.
  • Recording these sessions can provide another means to access this knowledge as long as the recording is stored.




KM Toolbox: Last Lecture on Operations Apprenticeship Program

At the NJ STIC 2nd Quarter meeting, held on June 16, 2021, Michele Shapiro, Director, NJDOT Human Resources, presented on the Operations Apprenticeship Program as it relates to Strategic Workforce Development, an FHWA EDC-6 initiative. Ms. Shapiro retired from NJDOT in 2021 and her presentation serves as a Last Lecture, a knowledge sharing strategy that provides insight on a particular topic from an individual leaving an agency.
KM Toolbox: Last Lecture on Operations Apprenticeship Program
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