Digital As-Builts

Highway construction projects produce massive amounts of valuable data. Historically, information such as materials tickets and as-built plans were communicated via paper. Today’s transportation agencies are improving on these paper processes by integrating them into electronic and digital workflows. While electronic ticketing (e-Ticketing) improves the tracking, exchange, and archiving of materials tickets, digital as-builts, and other digital information such as 3D design models and other metadata, can enhance the value of contract documents and the future usability of the as-built plans for operations, maintenance, and asset management. Both can increase project safety and quality through efficient data gathering and sharing.

What are Digital As-Builts?

Using digital data such as 3D models to build road projects is becoming an industry standard. Sharing the design model and associated digital project data allows agencies and contractors to streamline project delivery and contract administration and to collaborate on challenges “virtually” before they get to the field. The digital information is further leveraged when the model is updated, and other data incorporated, to reflect the project’s as-built condition for future maintenance, asset management, and rehabilitation activities.


Safety. Construction using digital information can lead to safer projects and shorter work zone traffic impacts.

Time Savings. Digital information provided to construction enhances planning and can streamline project delivery. Digital as-builts including utility locations and other asset information will improve post-construction decisions and shorten future project delivery.

Quality. Digital as-builts can provide enhanced historical data, enabling State DOTs to better maintain the transportation infrastructure and develop future projects.

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How NJ Incorporates e-Ticketing

Stage of Innovation: NOT IMPLEMENTED (January 2021)

New Jersey is currently exploring strategies for implementing this innovation.

Research. NJDOT is reaching out to the Pennsylvania DOT to learn about their digital as-built program and delivery plan.

Pilot Development. NJDOT is investigating with department Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and other stakeholders potential digital as-built pilot projects that will meet various functional and business requirements.

Building Support. NJDOT is working with internal and external stakeholders to advance digital as-built and 3D digital delivery. Collaboration with Local Public Agencies (LPA) will occur with support from NJDOT Local Aid.

What’s Next?

In the next 6 months, required resources for digital as-builts will be determined, including computer software; training; and pilot project expenses. Cost estimates will also be prepared and funding authorization sought.


Digital As-Builts: NEW & NOTEWORTHY 


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