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Traveler Information Application for Route 1 and Route 18 Corridors

The New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) created this project as a means to develop a hands-free Mobile Application (app) platform to aid travelers by offering travel information that utilizes the data it currently collects from its real-time transportation systems and includes additional travel related information such as transit and shuttle schedules and availability of parking.
Before conducting this project, the only way New Jersey travelers could obtain travel time information was through Dynamic Messaging Signs (DMS), the 511 NJ website or through commercially available sources such as Google Maps and Waze. These traveler information technologies, however, have their own deficiencies. While DMS technology is strategically deployed, it cannot provide the variety of information necessary to assess alternate route options, parking availability, transit schedules, or cause of delay.
The final product of this research is an enhanced Mobile Application platform that receives travel time information, parking information and transit/shuttle schedule information in real time for the Routes 1 (from I-295 to Garden State Parkway) and 18 (from New Jersey Turnpike to Rutgers University – Piscataway, NJ) corridors, specific to certain destinations such as colleges and/or large employment destinations. The application enhancements were designed so that other corridors and/or destinations could be added to the system by the owner of the application.

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SUNY Albany
Key Word(s)
Data and Information Technology; Traffic and Transport; Software Application; Commuter Travel Time; Transit; Parking Information; Traveler; DMS; Virtual DMS; Transcom; Data Fusion Engine

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