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Innovative Techniques and Materials for Preventing Concrete Shrinkage Cracking

This research study has several objectives:
1.  To identify and measure major components of shrinkages (chemical, autogenous, and drying shrinkages) in New Jersey concretes.
2.  To identify and investigate different methods most functional, practical, and effective for controlling shrinkage cracking applicable for New Jersey infrastructure concrete mixes.
3.  To determine what effects the techniques and methods used to control shrinkage cracking have on other fresh and hardened concrete properties.
4.  To investigate field performance of the New Jersey mixes and compare concrete mixes with different shrinkage cracking potentials and concrete mixes with and without shrinkage control methods.
5.  To compare the test results and observations obtained from the lab and field investigations and provide rational recommendations for the New Jersey concrete industry to effectively control shrinkage of New Jersey infrastructure concrete.
6.  To develop guidelines and specifications for the identified new techniques and materials in as directed by the NJDOT Technical Advisory Panel (TAP).

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Rowan University
Key Word(s)
Materials, Pavements

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