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Local Access Management Regulations

Access management on local roads is particularly challenging in New Jersey since it is a home-rule state. Although the NJDOT State Highway Access Management Code (N.J.A.C. 16:47) applies to access management on State Roads, the state’s local governments do not have consistent regulations or guidelines for managing access on local roads. As a result, many county and municipal roads operate in unsafe conditions due to poor access management. The lack of consistent regulations and guidelines at the local level often creates unsafe conditions at locations where State roads intersect with local roads with high traffic volumes. This research will identify and recommend strategies, tools, and guidelines to facilitate access management on local facilities intersecting and/or impacting State Roads.

Performing Organization
Rutgers University, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Principal Investigator(s)
Peter J. Jin
Subject Areas
Traffic Analysis, Safety Modules, Traffic Mobility, Access Management Guidelines in New Jersey

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