TRB Publications (January-February, 2022)

The following is a list of research published by the Transportation Research Board (TRB) between January 1, 2022 and February 28, 2022. Current articles from the TRB may be accessed here. 

Calibration of Dynamic Volume-Delay Functions: A Rolling Horizon-Based Parsimonious Modeling Perspective

Methodology to Quantify Statewide Evacuations

Developing Signal Warrants for Restricted Crossing U-Turn Intersections

Modeling Departure Time Choice of Car Commuters in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Identifying Wrong-Way Driving Incidents from Regular Traffic Videos Using Unsupervised Trajectory-based Method

Does Displaying Safety Messages on Dynamic Message Signs have Measurable Impacts on Crash Risk?

Simulation-Based Dynamic Traffic Assignment with Continuously Distributed Value of Time for Heterogeneous Users

Improving Stratification Procedures and Accuracy of Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT) Estimates for Non-Federal Aid-System (NFAS) Roads

Conditional Transit Signal Priority for Connected Transit Vehicles

Use of Real-Time Traffic and Signal Timing Data in Modeling Occupant Injury Severity at Signalized Intersections

Coordinated Perimeter Flow and Variable Speed Limit Control for Mixed Freeway and Urban Networks

Capacity Gains of Splitting Cross-Traffic into Multiple Sub-Streams

Calibrating Wiedemann-99 Model Parameters to Trajectory Data of Mixed Vehicular Traffic

Recurrent Neural Network for Estimating Speed Using Probe Vehicle Data in an Urban Area

Effects of Traffic Control Devices on Rural Curve Lateral Position

Developing a Google Earth-Based Method to Measure Sight Distance for U-Turns at Unsignalized Intersections on Multilane Divided Highways

Ramp Metering with Microscopic Gap Detection Algorithm Design and Empirical Acceleration Verification

Development of Joint Stated-Preference-off-Revealed-Preference Model for Shanghai Commute Mode Choices in Response to Parking Fee Management

Parameter Sensitivity Analysis of a Cooperative Dynamic Bus Lane System With Connected Vehicles

Quantitative Multi-Criteria Decision Support Approach for Prioritizing Grade Crossings to Address the Problem of Blocked Crossings

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