2-D Hydraulic Modeling User’s Forum Web Series

The FHWA 2-D Hydraulic Modeling User’s Forum webinar series periodically holds webinar events and conveys information about FHWA Resource Center opportunities, training opportunities, current software versions, FEMA guidance and other available resources.  The use of 2-D Hydraulic Modeling tools was promoted through the Every Day Counts Round 4 and 5 innovation Collaborative Hydraulics: Advancing to the Next Generation of Engineering (CHANGE).  For more information, please go to: CHANGE.

All SMS/SRH-2D Hydraulic Modeling Resource Links and Information have been compiled into a single PDF file for download here.  (Updated April 2024) Following is an overview of the resources included:

  • Software download and licensing instructions
  • NHI Training Course information
  • 2D Hydraulic Modeling Reference Document link
  • SMS Wiki Page
  • 2D Modeling Tutorials link
  • YouTube 2D Hydraulic Modeling Videos (new videos added)
  • YouTube demonstration videos for the NHI 135095 2D Hydraulic Modeling Course
  • YouTube 2D Sediment Transport Videos
  • 2D Hydraulic Modeling User’s Forum links to previous web recordings and handouts
  • FHWA Bridge Scour Workshop

This information is updated prior to each 2D Hydraulic Modeling User’s Forum web meeting.