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Tracking No.Date Idea SubmittedSubmitted NameEmail AddressAffiliationIdea TitleIdea DescriptionDescription of Savings if KnownHow Could This Affect Current State of Practice?Has This Idea Been Attempted at NJDOT or Elsewhere?Pre-Screening RecommendationSTIC Desposition
18-01-142/20/2018Joe Di Mediocft331@gmail.comCommuterCFTS Constant FLow Traffic SystemBecame the CFT QCC SD TF & DSS Constant Flow Traffic Quality Control Coordinated Safest Driving Traffic Flow & Digital Sign System.System Will reduce thee amount of lives being lost by 40% plus Additional information at the time of your response. I have 2 politicians in our state that I graduated with. Senator Steve Sweeney & Congressman Don Norcross 2 heavy duty good guysLike I mentioned will reduce thee amount of lives being lost by 40%+ and the work through out will only increase a positive through out the state and the countryMy work has been around more than enough and increased its nicely brought it slightly to our political wonders before my political graduates came about. The DOT slightly aware of because not being an engineer accordingly they/didn't want to know so but I know what I know+ and what will go on if you go with the flow because the work took on some good major over the years and a major thing that's going to do what I said and personally believe that my work will take on a nicer amount than 40% according to some of and one of the work and really look forward and hope to be able to bring it/to your attention To good days. Joe A. Di Medio And if you don't mind I don't have a phone right now slighty because of and look forward to hearing from you IF/you're gonna go with the flow. My email is the best.
18-01-132/18/2018Diane Antonisindantonisin@comcast.netCommuterFix lightpoles Exit 4 off rt 78W is very hard to see especially at night. The exit lines need to be painted also the lights on the pole lights have been out.I travel this road daily and I would hope you can rectify this problem for safety.Thank you and hope to hear from you.God forbid there is a fatality . Following that there would probably be a lawsuit against the state please don't let this happen. Its not an outrageous expensive repair just some paint and light bulbs and a few employees for a few hours.Yes
18-01-122/13/2018Joseph Powelljoseph.powell@dot.nj.govOffice of Bicycle and Pedestrian Programs Automated Roadway Debris VacuumImplement the use of Automated Roadway Debris Vacuum for roadside litter pickup. Implement the use of Automated Roadway Debris Vacuum for roadside litter pickup.
18-01-112/7/2018Tony Sinacorenjtony1953@optimum.netretired njt foremanRt15 Traffic
18-01-101/25/2018Denise Demaiodenisemdemaio@gmail.comCommuterFix Potholes
18-01-091/16/2018Jason Baumullerjbaumuller@gmail.comCommuterStreet and roadway lighting - cost energy and repair savingsDo Not Advance - NJDOT is currently moving toward the utilization of more LED lighting as the LED industry evolves. Currently, LED is used exclusively for overhead and cantilever sign lighting. LED lighting has also been implemented on the Pulaski Skyway and Manahawkin Bay Bridge as pilot projects. NJDOT is also approving, where appropriate, the use of LED for underdeck luminaires (underpass and tunnel) and high mast tower applications.(
18-01-081/9/2018Rick O'ConnellRick@digitalfilaments.comGE Roadway Lighting / Digital Filamentsreplace HPS street lights with LED on state roadsWe currently do not have an official plan for full scale implementation of LED lighting for the State Highways under NJDOT jurisdiction. We are slowly evolving toward more LED lighting as the LED lighting industry evolves. The only two viable lighting options at this time for highway lighting are High Pressure Sodium (HPS) and LED. Previously utilized lighting technologies Mercury Vapor (MV) and Metal Halide (MH) are no longer available. HPS is still the NJDOT standard, but we are transitioning certain lighting application to LED. We currently use LED lighting exclusively for overhead and cantilever sign lighting. We have implemented LED lighting for overhead street lighting on the Pulaski Skyway Contracts and the Manahawkin Bay Bridge. These are “trial” implementations for LED overhead street lighting that are currently under construction or recently completed. We look forward to the feedback from our maintenance staff and the motoring public on these systems. We are approving and utilizing LED lighting for underdeck luminaires (underpass and tunnel) and high mast tower applications where appropriate.Do Not Advance - NJDOT is currently moving toward the utilization of more LED lighting as the LED industry evolves. Currently, LED is used exclusively for overhead and cantilever sign lighting. LED lighting has also been implemented on the Pulaski Skyway and Manahawkin Bay Bridge as pilot projects. NJDOT is also approving, where appropriate, the use of LED for underdeck luminaires (underpass and tunnel) and high mast tower applications.
18-01-071/3/2018James Leesoojin.lee@gmail.comCommuterLight Rail Expansion
18-01-0612/25/2017Laurie Russelljrsyblacksheep@aol.comNursingNew License Plates
18-01-0512/19/2017Jan Suhoskey306.heritage.rd.Sewell.N.j@liberty.state.nj.usTax PayerIllegally placed signs in right of ways and on utility poles
18-01-0412/13/2017Ella Edwardsellaedward1@gmail.comCommuterchange machine and ticket person
18-01-0312/7/2017Jamie Bauerjamie.bauer@grarate.comCommuterLeft Turn Arrow
18-01-0211/19/2017Patrick Kinzlerkinz989@yahoo.comCommuterGateway Program Tunnel Replacement
18-01-0111/17/2017Theresa H. Lakincava5000@aol.comCommuterHelp ease congestion on Rt. 3 at Rt. 21 Exit
17-04-1911/15/2017Jeffrey P. Nickel jeffpnickel@gmail.comCommuterExpansion of Route 206
17-04-1811/5/2017Deborah L. Tienkengarose4eborah@gmail.comHopeful new employerMicahr 78 emergency toll booth
17-04-1711/2/2017Bill Ragozineragozine@driveless.comCross County Connection TMAExisting Bridge Safety Technology Retrofit
17-04-1610/31/2017Larry Goldsholllgoldsholl@yahoo.comnonesaftety at route 80 onto route 206 south
17-04-1510/18/2017Jeffrey Kyryczenkojakjeep@yahoo.comFirefighter / v.p.parkerConversion to led strobes
17-04-1410/5/2017Greg StoeckleGastoeckle@yahoo.comCommuterLogistics & Management
17-04-139/20/2017David Hardydave.hardy-1@outlook.comCommutersignage on 24 East to 78 East
17-04-129/18/2017Joseph Powelljoseph.powell@dot.nj.govNJDOT Office of Bicycle and Pedestrian Programsmore cost saving measures
17-04-119/18/2017Joseph Powelljoseph.powell@dot.nj.govNJDOT Office of Bicycle and Pedestrian Programscost saving measures
17-04-109/15/2017Salim MikhaelSalim.Mikhael@dot.nj.govNJDOT Local Aid & Economic DevelopmentAdding a little paraffin wax to the road's concrete
17-04-099/14/2017Joseph Powelljoseph.powell@dot.nj.govNJDOT Office of Bicycle and Pedestrian ProgramsFreight Highway System
17-04-088/31/2017Mary Ann Albanesemalbanes@business.rutgers.eduRutgers Universitysignage on 24 East to 78 East
17-04-078/18/2017Carol NJDOT LibrarianUsing infrared technology to prevent truck crashes on low-clearance bridges
17-04-068/11/2017Joseph D. Bowerbower23@verizon.netResidentNJ Turnpike Exit 3
17-04-058/7/2017Josh Tookerjosh_tooker@yahoo.comCommuterImprovement to Weaving Pattern at rt3-rt21 interchange
17-04-048/6/2017m.jaconetti@outlook.comCommuterMerging lane needed
17-04-038/5/2017Paula Mcnameepaula.mcnamee@live.comNJ State employeesafety
17-04-028/2/2017Travis Fedschuntravfed@gmail.comCommuterRoute 24 Improvement
17-04-018/1/2017Carol Paszamantcarol.paszamant@dot.nj.govNJDOT Research LibraryBridge the Gap for NJ Transit
17-03-237/18/2017Sushant Ashwinbhai Independant Researcher Human Physiology
17-03-227/13/2017Paul Thomaspaul.thomas@dot.nj.govNJDOT A picture is worth a thousand words
17-03-217/12/2017Richard Christensenrichard.christensen@dot.nj.govNJDOTPilot Program for disadvantage/handicap citizens
17-03-206/26/2017Paula McNameepaula.mcnamee@live.comNJ State WorkerRules for Quarry Trucks Driving on Highways
17-03-196/22/2017Edward LiuEdward.Liu@dot.nj.govNJDOTSmart Roadway Energy Harvesting
17-03-186/22/2017Mohab NJDOTInnovative Method For Monitoring and Evaluating the Structural Integrity of Foundations
17-03-176/22/2017Gary NJDOTLong Life Bridge Design
17-03-166/22/2017Richard NJDOTParolee Re-Entry Program
17-03-156/22/2017Meriam MichaelMeriam.Michael@dot.nj.govNJDOTProtect the load posted bridges from passing the overload trucks the process which is creating overstress for the bridge components especially the superstructure.
17-03-146/16/2017Cathy Zuccherocatherine.zucchero@doe.state.nj.usCommuterAlternate Merge Signs
17-03-136/13/2017Cathy Zuccherocatherine.zucchero@doe.state.nj.usCommuterExit Lane on I-195 EastBound Yardville
17-03-126/8/2017Harriet Kelemharlinsan@aol.comCommuterTraffic Light in Rockaway Boro Center
17-03-116/7/2017Carla Ann CalderoneCarla.Calderone@dot.nj.govNJDOT - IMTPRoadway Safety
17-03-105/30/2017Sal Cowansal.cowan@dot.nj.govNJDOT TSMHelicopter Sharing with NJDOT
17-03-095/24/2017Angelo Mendolaangelo.mendola@dot.nj.govNJDOTUHPC - Overlay
17-03-085/19/2017Joseph Powelljoseph.powell@dot.nj.govNJDOT Office of Bicycle and Pedestrian ProgramsFleet leasing
17-03-075/18/2019Giri Venkiteelagiri.venkiteela@dot.nj.govNJDOTEnergy Harvesting from Roadways
17-03-065/18/2017Giri Venkiteelagiri.venkiteela@dot.nj.govNJDOTAdvaced pothole repair
17-03-055/15/2017Joseph Powelljoseph.powell@dot.nj.govNJDOT Office of Bicycle and Pedestrian ProgramsTelecommuting
17-03-045/12/2017Berry Petion 1 A List MadeWi- link
17-03-035/11/2017Tom CarboneCarbcity@aol.comRetired from NJDOT Scudder Falls bridge webcam
17-03-025/9/2017 OrbitOrbitc@gmail.comWaze volunteerUse Waze
17-03-015/8/2017Glenn Stummergstummer@verizon.netCommuterLane Adjustment
17-02-245/9/2017Sophia NJDOTEnabling Existing Camera Detection Systems / WaveTronix for Vehicle Classification and CountsAdvance to Safety CIA TeamChris Peter etc.
17-02-235/5/2017Bruce TyraElectbc@yahoo.comCommuterLead Green Arrow at 202 and West Oakland aveidea to be redirected
17-02-225/4/2017Sommer SakrzewskiSommerzak@gmail.comI-287EXPANDidea to be redirected
17-02-215/3/2017John OgilbyJohn12ru@yahoo.comCommuterKearny Park and Rideidea to be redirected
17-02-205/3/2017Dave Kuhndavid.kuhn@dot.nj.govNJDOTRemote operation of movable bridgesAdvance to Operations CIA Team
17-02-195/1/2017Joseph Powelljoseph.powell@dot.nj.govOffice of Bicycle and Pedestrian ProgramsSidewalk Construction Mitigation PoolDo Not AdvanceSee 17-02-17
17-02-184/29/2017Bob CommuterFlowersidea to be redirected
17-02-174/26/2017Joseph Powelljoseph.powell@dot.nj.govOffice of Bicycle and Pedestrian ProgramsSidewalk constructionDo Not AdvanceProgram delivery issue further discussion necessary. To address internally.
17-02-164/25/2017Chris Cartwrightcartwrightfour@gmail.comRT 80 signs HOV lane overhead signs idea to be redirected
17-02-154/25/2017Michael Hermanjohnnyc989@aol.comCommuterTraffic signal/electrical upgradesidea to be redirected
17-02-144/24/2017Dave CihockiDavid.Cihocki@dot.nj.govNJDOTBuy America - Compliance ListingDo Not AdvanceEven if a standard cert was developed it would not meet the Federal law.
17-02-134/23/2017Alison CrowleyMitcrow@gmail.comRamsey trainSlow trains downidea to be redirected
17-02-124/11/2017Dave Kuhndavid.kuhn@dot.nj.govNJDOTMaximizing LIDAR TechnologyAdvance to Safety CIA Team
17-02-114/11/2017Lillian Moraleswrinkles213@aol.comCommutersigns and lightingidea to be redirected
17-02-104/7/2017Lynn Disability clienteleBike Safety Quizidea to be redirected
17-02-094/7/2017Mittul Patelmpatel@bemsys.comBEM Systems Inc.Storm Surge Decision-making Toolon hold more investigation needed.
17-02-084/6/2017Madeline Grabowskichiefmaddieg@yahoo.comretired njdol section chiefroad side garbage removalidea to be redirected
17-02-074/6/2017Matthew Lawsonmlawson@mercercounty.orgCommuterCooperative Purchasingdo not advance explore offline
17-02-064/3/2017Sal MikhaelSalim.Mikhael@dot.nj.govLocal Aid - Cherry HillElectrically Conductive Concrete to Improve Safetyadvance to infrastructure CIA team Research to do lit search
17-02-053/31/2017Amanda Gendekamanda.gendek@dot.nj.usBureau of ResearchFostering Innovation in Small but Meaningful Waysidea to be redirected
17-02-043/22/2017Jaijo Paulosejaijo007@yahoo.comOutfront MediaMake I 80 E to I 287 Junction N & S separate linesidea to be redirected
17-02-033/21/2017Robert Maschkemaschke@comcast.netPickeringCorts & SummersonImprovements to Bridge Inspection Procurementsidea to be redirected
17-02-023/7/2017Angelo Mendolaangelo.mendola@dot.nj.govBridge Engineering & Infrastructure ManagementUHPC on Link Slabsadvance to infrastructure CIA team
17-02-012/24/2017Lorraine Accounting and AuditingConstruction safetyidea to be redirected
17-01-201/31/2017Dave Capital Investment Planning and Grant AdministrationAutomated Video Vehicle ClassificationOn Hold2/22/17 pending further information if PennDOT doing it - get info on how will revisit Dave Kuhn? 5-11-17 Update from IAT meeting - Monitorin
17-01-191/26/2017Joseph Statewide PlanningMixed use path and non-vegetative barrier comboDo Not Advance2/22/17 need more information. where? Just adjacent to guiderail? To provide multi-use paths?Andy Swords to speak to submitter. 5-11-17 Update from IAT me
17-01-181/20/2017Joseph Statewide PlanningProject CoordinationDo Not Advance2/22/17 SRI is default ref system Andy Swords to speak to submitter
17-01-171/17/2017Raymond Tomczakraymond.tomczak@dot.nj.govCommunity and Constituent RelationsOne Stop Project LocatorDo Not Advance2/22/17 sounds like E-Builder forward to Troy Nelson
17-01-161/17/2017Joseph Statewide PlanningMT-89 vendorsForward to DOT Suggestion Box
17-01-151/13/2017Susan Dill Wendrzyckisusan.dillwendrzycki@dot.nj.govBureau of Landscape Architecture and Environmental SolutionsSolar panels on buildingsDo Not Advance2/22/17 speak to operations regarding answer
17-01-141/12/2017James Electrical OperationsParking State Vehicles at the facilities Forward to DOT Suggestion Box
17-01-131/6/2017Steve Cheethamsteve.cheetham@tech.nj.govOffice of Information TechnologyTop-mounted lights on NJDOT snow plowsForward to Other Appropriate Group2/22/17 forward to Tony Pellegrino of Employee Safety 5-5472.
17-01-1212/29/2016Bernadette PasquaBernadette.Pasqua@dot.nj.govRight of Way and Access ManagementStop paying for ROW estimates to relocate signsDo Not Advance
17-01-1112/13/2016Stephen Dilts HNTBSunsetting of StructuresDo Not Advance2/22/17 part of asset management lifecycle management of bridges
17-01-1012/13/2016Stephen Dilts HNTBRethinking the Design ManualDo Not Advance2/22/17 current manual addresses repair/rehab pavement preservation policy under development
17-01-0912/13/2016Stephen Dilts HNTBSystematic Approach to Infrastructure ManagementDo Not Advance2/22/17 part of asset management current condition ratings need further info (what is specific innovation?) 5-11-17 Update from IAT meeting - not to advance at this time.
17-01-0812/13/2016Stephen Dilts HNTBBig Data ResearchDo Not Advance2/22/17 narrow down the focus of the idea no concrete innovation
17-01-0712/13/2016Stephen Dilts HNTBPrefab bridgesAssign to CIA Team2/22/17 part of EDC for years promoted more broadly in dept? What is outcome of completed project (Jones Road) apply lessons learned possible STIC discussion on communication has anything been done on coun
17-01-0612/1/2016Cindy Bloom CroninCindy.bloom-cronin@dot.nj.govBureau of Landscape Architecture and Environmental SolutionsGrassland Eco Mow ZoneAssign to CIA Team
17-01-0511/25/2016James Electrical OperationsRecycling FacilityForward to DOT Suggestion Box
17-01-0411/23/2016Todd HirtTodd.Hirt@dot.nj.govBureau of Railroad Engineering ServicesIn-Bureau AccountantsForward to DOT Suggestion Box
17-01-0311/22/2016Jack LongworthJohn.Longworth@dot.nj.govBureau of Maintenance Engineering & OperationsSuggestion Award ProgramForward to DOT Suggestion Box2/22/17 will look into
17-01-0211/22/2016Hemangini CADD Support and DevelopmentMeditation RoomForward to DOT Suggestion Box2/22/17 suggestion box
17-01-0111/21/2016Girish C. Project Engineer Construction Field Manager Region South SafetySmart phone app for data entry Do Not Advance2/22/17 Bridge Inspection Reference Manual (BIRM) application exists H. Roberts described would fall under e-construction