Elements of an Agency-wide Knowledge Management Approach

& Direction

When agency leadership characterizes their organization as a learning community, they are acknowledging the role of knowledge management in the attainment of agency business goals. Institutionalizing knowledge management requires leadership to articulate support for knowledge management, designate a lead, clarify expected outcomes and provide resources.

Collaboration & Communities

An organizational culture of learning provides all employees with opportunities to participate in knowledge sharing, mentoring and problem solving

Knowledge Codification & Dissemination

Knowledge capture strategies are established to transfer critical, unique and at-risk tacit knowledge to explicit knowledge or shared knowledge, and systems for knowledge sharing are established to document standard operating procedures and lessons learned.

Succession & Talent Management

Knowledge gaps can be addressed through recruitment, employee onboarding, continuous training, and succession management processes.

Source: Spy Pond Partners, LLC, 2015, p. 16