Organizational Culture

The culture of an organization determines how information is used and shared. A culture of trust and collaboration develops when individuals are encouraged to share information and are given structures and opportunities in which to share knowledge and experience.

Each individual has a role and responsibilities related to knowledge sharing within the organization.

Senior Management

•  Champion knowledge transfer and knowledge capture

•  Support and recognize individual efforts throughout the organization and allow for the integration of knowledge management strategies into the working day

•  Address the perception that time and cost involved in knowledge transfer are substantial. Support the argument that the loss of knowledge is more costly to the organization than the time taken to retain this knowledge

Individuals with Essential Knowledge

•  Identify the knowledge that should be shared

•  Work with the Manager to develop a knowledge transfer plan incorporating the best method of transferring knowledge

•  Monitor the efficacy of the training in progress and adapt to ensure the knowledge transfer

•  Respect the time commitment made to the process

•  Document the process and the knowledge transferred


•  Plan ahead for transitions by identifying individuals with essential knowledge that should be shared before  retirement or other departure from a position

•  Determine if the unit would be best served by knowledge sharing with one individual or with several individuals and the most effective means for transferring the particular knowledge (e.g. through mentorship, story-telling or boot camp)

•  Monitor and support the transfer process and recognizing the completion

Individuals Identified to Receive Knowledge 

•  Must be willing to engage in the process

•  Ensure that they are gathering all relevant information by asking questions, and through self-assessment to determine gaps in comprehension

•  Respect the time commitment made to the process

Source: GNB Knowledge Transfer Guide for Managers