Searchable Database

Innovative Ideas that are submitted are reviewed and assigned a tracking number. The STIC searchable database reports the submitted ideas and their disposition after consideration by the Innovation Advisory Team (IAT). Ideas will be determined as worthy of further investigation by a CIA team or determined to be not feasible at this time. The IAT will also serve as a feedback body on the STIC process to provide ideas on how to improve it. The IAT includes CIA team liaisons as well as other pertinent FHWA and NJ DOT staff.

Idea Number
Tracking No.
Idea Title
Status/STIC Disposition
1 18-01-14 Other CFTS Constant Flow Traffic System
2 18-01-13 NJ State Resident Exit Realignment
3 18-01-12 State Official/Employee Automated Roadway Debris Vacuum
4 18-01-11 State Official/Employee Route 15 Traffic
5 18-01-10 Other Fix Potholes
6 18-01-09 Other Street and Roadway Lightin
7 18-01-08 Contractor/Consultant Replace HPS street lights with LED
8 18-01-07 NJ State Resident Light Rail Expansion
9 18-01-06 Other New License Plates
10 18-01-05 NJ State Resident Illegally Place Signs
11 18-01-04 NJ State Resident Change Magine
12 18-01-03 NJ State Resident Left Turn Arrow
13 18-01-02 NJ State Resident Gateway Program Tunnel Replacement
14 18-01-01 NJ State Resident Congrestion Management
15 17-04-19 NJ State Resident Expansion of Route 206
16 17-04-18 Other Micahr 78 emergency toll booth
17 17-04-17 Regional Official/Employee Existing Bridge Safety Technology Retrofit
18 17-04-16 Other Safety Route 80 – 206 South
19 17-04-15 Other Converstion to LED Strobes
20 17-04-14 NJ State Resident Logistics & Management
21 17-04-13 NJ State Resident Signage on 24 East to 78 East
22 17-04-12 State Official/Employee Cost Saving Measures
23 17-04-11 State Official/Employee Cost Saving Measures
24 17-04-10 State Official/Employee Parrafin Wax
25 17-04-09 State Official/Employee Freight Highway System
26 17-04-08 State Official/Employee Signage on 24 East to 78 East
27 17-04-07 State Official/Employee Infared Technology
28 17-04-06 NJ State Resident NJ Turnpike Exit 3
29 17-04-05 NJ State Resident Improvement to Weaving Pattern at rt3-rt21 interchange
30 17-04-04 NJ State Resident Merging lane needed
31 17-04-03 State Official/Employee safety
32 17-04-02 NJ State Resident Route 24 Improvement
33 17-04-01 State Official/Employee Bridge the Gap for NJ Transit
34 17-03-23 NJ State Resident Human Physiology
35 17-03-22 State Official/Employee A picture is worth a thousand words
36 17-03-21 State Official/Employee Pilot Program for disadvantage/handicap citizens
37 17-03-20 State Official/Employee Rules for Quarry Trucks Driving on Highways
38 17-03-19 State Official/Employee Smart Roadway Energy Harvesting
39 17-03-18 State Official/Employee Innovative Method For Monitoring and Evaluating the Structural Integrity of Foundations
40 17-03-17 State Official/Employee Long Life Bridge Design
41 17-03-16 State Official/Employee Parolee Re-Entry Program
42 17-03-15 State Official/Employee Bridge Protection
43 17-03-14 NJ State Resident Alternate Merge Signs
44 17-03-13 Other Exit Lane on I-195 EastBound Yardville
45 17-03-12 NJ State Resident Traffic Light in Rockaway Boro Center
46 17-03-11 State Official/Employee Roadway Safety
47 17-03-10 State Official/Employee Helicopter Sharing with NJDOT
48 17-03-09 State Official/Employee UHPC – Overlay
49 17-03-08 State Official/Employee Fleet leasing
50 17-03-07 State Official/Employee Energy Harvesting from Roadways
51 17-03-06 State Official/Employee Advanced Pothole Repair
52 17-03-05 State Official/Employee Telecommuting
53 17-03-04 Contractor/Consultant Wi- link
54 17-03-03 State Official/Employee Scudder Falls Bridge
55 17-03-02 Contractor/Consultant Waze
56 17-03-01 Other Lane Adjustment
57 17-02-24 State Official/Employee Enabling Existing Camera Detection Systems Advance to Safety CIA Team, Chris, Peter, etc.
58 17-02-23 NJ State Resident Lead Green Arrow at 202 and West Oakland ave Idea to be redirected
59 17-02-22 Other EXPAND Idea to be redirected
60 17-02-21 NJ State Resident Kearny Park and Ride Idea to be redirected
61 17-02-20 State Official/Employee Remote operation of movable bridges Advance to Operations CIA Team
62 17-02-19 State Official/Employee Sidewalk Construction Mitigation Pool Do Not Advance, See 17-02-17
63 17-02-18 NJ State Resident Flowers Idea to be redirected
64 17-02-17 State Official/Employee Sidewalk construction Do Not Advance, Program delivery issue, further discussion necessary. To address internally.
65 17-02-16 Other HOV lane overhead signs Idea to be redirected
66 17-02-15 Other Traffic signal/electrical upgrades Idea to be redirected
67 17-02-14 State Official/Employee Buy America – Compliance Listing Do Not Advance, Even if a standard cert was developed, it would not meet the Federal law.
68 17-02-13 State Official/Employee Slow trains down Idea to be redirected
69 17-02-12 State Official/Employee Maximizing LIDAR Technology Advance to Safety CIA Team
70 17-02-11 NJ State Resident signs and lighting Idea to be redirected
71 17-02-10 Other Bike Safety Quiz Idea to be redirected
72 17-02-09 Contractor/Consultant Storm Surge Decision-making Tool on hold, more investigation needed.
73 17-02-08 State Official/Employee road side garbage removal Idea to be redirected
74 17-02-07 County Official/Employee Cooperative Purchasing Do not Advance
75 17-02-06 State Official/Employee Electrically Conductive Concrete to Improve Safety advance to infrastructure CIA team, Research to do lit search
76 17-02-05 State Official/Employee Fostering Innovation in Small but Meaningful Ways Idea to be redirected
77 17-02-04 Contractor/Consultant Make I 80 E to I 287 Junction N & S separate lines Idea to be redirected
78 17-02-03 Contractor/Consultant Improvements to Bridge Inspection Procurements Idea to be redirected
79 17-02-02 Contractor/Consultant UHPC on Link Slabs advance to infrastructure CIA team
80 17-02-01 State Official/Employee Construction safety Idea to be redirected
81 17-01-20 State Official/Employee Automated Video Vehicle Classification On Hold, 2/22/17 pending further information, if PennDOT doing it – get info on how, will revisit, Dave Kuhn? 5-11-17 Update from IAT meeting – Monitoring mode – not to advance at this time.
82 17-01-19 State Official/Employee Mixed use path and non-vegetative barrier combo Do Not Advance, 2/22/17 need more information. where? Just adjacent to guiderail? To provide multi-use paths?Andy Swords to speak to submitter. 5-11-17 Update from IAT meeting – Additional information sent by e-mail to Dave Kuhn. Will evaluate but not to advance at this time. Andy Swords will further investigate.
83 17-01-18 State Official/Employee Project Coordination Do Not Advance, 2/22/17 SRI is default ref system, Andy Swords to speak to submitter
84 17-01-17 State Official/Employee One Stop Project Locator Do Not Advance, 2/22/17 sounds like E-Builder, forward to Troy Nelson
85 17-01-16 State Official/Employee MT-89 vendors Forward to DOT Suggestion Box
86 17-01-15 State Official/Employee Solar panels on buildings Do Not Advance, 2/22/17 speak to operations regarding answer
87 17-01-14 State Official/Employee Parking State Vehicles at the facilities Forward to DOT Suggestion Box
88 17-01-13 State Official/Employee Top-mounted lights on NJDOT snow plows Forward to Other Appropriate Group, 2/22/17 forward to Tony Pellegrino of Employee Safety 5-5472.
89 17-01-12 State Official/Employee Stop paying for ROW estimates to relocate signs Do Not Advance
90 17-01-11 Other Sunsetting of Structures Do Not Advance, 2/22/17 part of asset management, lifecycle management of bridges
91 17-01-10 Other Rethinking the Design Manual Do Not Advance, 2/22/17 current manual addresses repair/rehab, pavement preservation policy under development
92 17-01-09 Other Systematic Approach to Infrastructure Management Do Not Advance, 2/22/17 part of asset management, current condition ratings, need further info (what is specific innovation?) 5-11-17 Update from IAT meeting – not to advance at this time.
93 17-01-08 Other Big Data Research Do Not Advance, 2/22/17 narrow down the focus of the idea, no concrete innovation
94 17-01-07 Other Prefab bridges Assign to CIA Team, 2/22/17 part of EDC for years, promoted more broadly in dept? What is outcome of completed project (Jones Road), apply lessons learned, possible STIC discussion on communication, has anything been done on county side, if not a good experience, why?
95 17-01-06 State Official/Employee Grassland Eco Mow Zone Assign to CIA Team
96 17-01-05 State Official/Employee Recycling Facility Forward to DOT Suggestion Box
97 17-01-04 State Official/Employee In-Bureau Accountants Forward to DOT Suggestion Box
98 17-01-03 State Official/Employee Suggestion Award Program Forward to DOT Suggestion Box, 2/22/17 will look into
99 17-01-02 State Official/Employee Meditation Room Forward to DOT Suggestion Box, 2/22/17 suggestion box
100 17-01-01 State Official/Employee Smart phone app for data entry Do Not Advance, 2/22/17 Bridge Inspection Reference Manual (BIRM) application exists, H. Roberts described, would fall under e-construction

If you have additional questions, please e-mail the the Bureau of Research at