Lunchtime Tech Talk! WEBINAR: Automating the Traffic Signal Performance Measures for NJDOT Adaptive Traffic Signal Control Systems

Join the NJDOT Bureau of Research for this Lunchtime Tech Talk! Webinar on Automating the Traffic Signal Performance Measures for NJDOT Adaptive Traffic Signal Control Systems on June 29th, 2021.

Traffic signal performance measurement and visualization provide insights as operational tools to help transportation agencies get more benefits from infrastructure investment. Traditionally, transportation professionals periodically measure the performance of traffic signal systems and adjust the signal phases and timing to ensure appropriate level of service (LOS) over the changing travel demand patterns. However, this process is often done through time-consuming and costly projects every few years.

Promoted under the FHWA’s Every Day Counts program, Automated Traffic Signal Performance Measure (ATSPM) systems provide a means to proactively manage problems on a signalized roadway on a daily basis. However, the deployment of ATSPM requires systematic upgrading to high-resolution controllers and needs special configurations at each signal cabinet.

Recent and ongoing research funded by NJDOT has sought to identify and develop toolboxes, guidelines, and deployment strategies to implement ATSPM with the existing NJDOT Adaptive Traffic Signal Control (ATSC) systems. By connecting to existing centralized signal event and detector logs of ATSC at the NJDOT Arterial Management Center, the developed NJDOT RT-ATSPM (Realtime-ATSPM) platform will provide all the performance metrics in the original ATSPM without the costly controller upgrading and cabinet-by-cabinet configurations.

In this Lunchtime Tech Talk webinar, Peter Jin, PhD from Rutgers-CAIT and Thomas Brennan, PhD from The College of New Jersey will join with Kelly McVeigh from NJDOT’s Mobility Engineering to discuss the details of the ATSC-to-ATSPM event translators developed, advance detector data reconstruction from Autoscope video, guidelines and deployment strategies of the proposed RT-ATSPM platform.

The event is free, but registration is required to receive the URL link to the webinar. NJ AICP and PE credits are available, but you must be registered for the event. Click through the link below to register for this webinar event:

Lunchtime Tech Talk! Webinar: Automating Traffic Signal Performance Measures for NJDOT Adaptive Signal Control Systems Webinar
Date:  Tuesday, June 29, 2021
Time: 12:00-1:15 PM


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